Ceremony of Transmission of the Position of Rector at UFRJ

Ceremony of Transmission of the Position of Rector at UFRJ

On July 8, a ceremony was held to transmit the position of Rector of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) to the researcher and professor Denise Pires de Carvalho. The ceremony took place at the Technology Center of the University of Rio de Janeiro. An inauguration ceremony had already been held on July 2, in Brasília.

Some SBEM members were present in the inauguration: Dr. Ricardo Meirelles, president of the Social Communication Commission, Dr. Valéria Guimarães, ex-president of Nacional, Dr. Patrícia de Fátima, current vice-president of the Tireoid Department of SBEM, Dr. Flávia Conceição, ex-president of Regional Rio de Janeiro, and Dr. Doris Rosenthal, professor and researcher of Universidade Federal do Universidade do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ).

The Possession Ceremony

The solemnity happened in the morning and the Horta Barbosa Auditorium was filled to capacity. Authorities from various sectors – from politics to education – were present.

Together with the vice-rector, Carlos Frederico Leão Rocha, the researcher received – at the time she was granted – a medal from the University, awarded to the new managers. The applause lasted almost two minutes.

During her speech, the teacher highlighted the Centennial of the institution (which will be completed in 2020), the mission of UFRJ and the importance of maintaining the excellence of the institution. “The university will remain of quality, democratic, inclusive and secular. The academic quality has been guaranteed since its creation almost a century ago. Excellence, on the other hand, must always be on our horizon”.

At the head of the UFRJ, Denise Pires said that she will increasingly seek to advance towards a truly democratic institution focused on the collective interests of the population. According to her, the university’s role is to help reduce social inequalities in society.

This equality and inclusion, cited by the new dean, was also highlighted by the current vice-rector and by the presidents of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences, Luiz Davidovich, and the Brazilian Society for the Progress of Science, Ildeu Moreira.

– Knowledge must be barrier-free, and if it is, it must be broken down. The collective dream needs internal and external action by the University. We need to innovate within the assumed agenda. (Carlos Frederico Leão Rocha)

– UFRJ needs to show what it does and transform itself from the inside, to change the country. It needs to raise funds and build hope. Act to transform the future. (Luiz Davidovich)

– Count on the Brazilian Scientific Societies for the enormous challenges that the country is facing. We need to value our young people, with more social inclusion. We are hopeful and hopeful. (Ildeu Moreira)

Denise Pires de Carvalho and Carlos Frederico Leão Rocha will lead the University in the 2019-2023 quadrennium.

Watch the possession video

*Dr. Valéria Guimarães, ex-president of SBEM National, contributed with reports, photos and videos of the investiture ceremony of the researcher.

SourceBrazilian Society of Endocrinology and Metabology