General Information

The main goal of LATS is to promote knowledge and research of the thyroid gland and its diseases. For that purpose, the Association organizes and sponsors scientific meetings and courses; promotes conferences, symposiums and publications; grants awards for outstanding research contributions to the study of the thyroid; and maintains relationships with other national and international scientific societies.

Our Mission

The Latin American Thyroid Society aims to

Membership in the Association consists of five categories

01. Senior Associate are citizens or residents of Latin American continent whose present and established interests are the clinical or experimental investigation of the thyroid gland sugery research and its diseases (anatomy, physiology, experimental pathology, biochemistry, biophysics, nuclear medicine, molecular and cellular biology, and clinical research).

02. Corresponding membership condition limited to citizens of countries that do not belong to Latin America;

03. Honorary membership condition granted to highly distinguished professionals who provide exemplary services for studies of the thyroid gland. Honorary members must be previously appointed by an Active Senior member.

04. Aspirant will be considered as follows:

• Students, young researchers or health professionals interested in the study of the thyroid gland;

• Anyone who is part of government or non-governmental organizations involved in the study of the thyroid gland in the implementation / regulation of public health policies that takes into account aspects of the thyroid gland.

• Below is the links to download the minute of the first LATS meeting.

05. Senior Founders – All members who joined the association before June 1, 1975.