LATS Awards Rules

SLAT Prize will be awarded on the occasion of the entity’s congresses, to an active member of the Society, superreplicawatches who have produced important contributions to the study of the thyroid gland, a considerable period of time in Latin America.

The Executive Committee is responsible for award nomination. The Executive Committee may indicate a special commission of experts, not necessarily members of the SLAT, to act as judges. The final decision will be made by the Executive Committee.

Candidates for the SLAT award shall be proposed and seconded by at least two (2) members of the same. Tenderers must submit to the Secretary General the “curriculum vitae” of the candidate (no more than 10 pages), together with supporting indicating the nature of the candidate’s contribution to the research of thyroid gland (2 pages).

The winner will give a lecture during the congress of the SLAT.

The LATS award – Young Investigator – will be awarded in each SLAT Congress, two young members of the Society, under 40 years of age, to submit a work accepted in Congress, as first author. The categories in which the award will be presented research are: (1) clinical and (2) Basic.

The work should be done completely in a Latin American country.

The winner of LATS Award – Researcher couple will be selected by a Scientific Committee of LATS, and can only receive the award once in life.