Thyroid Awareness Month

“Join Dr. Janete Cerutti, President of LATS, as she unveils this year’s theme for the “Thyroid Awareness Month” initiative aimed at raising awareness of this butterfly-shaped gland throughout May.

LATS Society’s dedicated efforts in crafting informative videos tailored for diverse audiences.
🟢 Green Butterfly: For the General Population
🔵 Blue Butterfly: For General Practitioners
🟣 Purple Butterfly: For Thyroid Specialists

Stay tuned as these videos will be posted throughout the month of May.”

Let’s spread awareness together!


What causes thyroid cancer? Laura Sterian Ward (São Paulo – Brazil)

Cryoablation may be considered for a thyroid nodule? – Ricardo Freitas

When radiofrequency ablation (RFA) may be considered as treatment option for thyroid nodules? – Jonathon Russell and Ana Voogd

Draft of the ATA thyroid nodule guidelines – Rafael Selbach Scheffel

Cytology….We need to think of a title and specific topic – Fabiano Callegari

Calcitonin measurement in thyroid nodules – Susan Chow Lindsey (São Paulo – Brazil)

Molecular testing for thyroid nodule: Can current tests help with diagnosis, prognosis and treatment? Hernán González (Santiago – Colombia)

Thyroid Surgery for thyroid nodule: when less is more?

If a thyroid nodule is discovered incidentally, what to do? – Dr. Jose Miguel Dominguez (Santiago – Chile)