First Webinar of LATS Webinar 2020 Series

First Webinar of LATS Webinar 2020 Series

On Monday, July 20, LATS held the first event of the LATS 2020 Webinar Series, bringing together several thyroid experts on an online platform.

This initiative aims to discuss, with leading experts, updates on advances in research and clinical practice in the area, centered on controversies in basic and clinical thyroidology, with a personalized approach to thyroid disorders.

For the first event, the guests were Dr. Gabriela Brenta (Argentina) and Dr. Mario Vaisman (Brazil), with the moderation of Dr. Celia Nogueira (Brazil). The theme was Subclinical Hypothyroidism: When to treat?

The LATS president, Dra. Ana Luiza Maia, started the meeting by welcoming the guests. “I believe it will be an exchange of fantastic experiences for everyone, and we already have a great expectation for the next activities”. The LATS board decided that the lectures will take place in Portuguese and Spanish, reflecting the languages ​​spoken in Latin America.

She explains that the project will be continued after this first Webinar Series, and the LATS member will be consulted to suggest new topics for the debates.

Dra Gabriela Brenta, staff member of the Endocrinology Division of César Milstein Hospital of Buenos Aires, Thyroid Unit, thanked the LATS board – Dr. Ana Luiza and Dr. Fabian Pitoia – for the initiative of spreading such important topics, through webinars, to members of LATS.

Dr. Gabriela opened her talk by addressing the diagnosis of subclinical hypothyroidism and the recommendations for the general population, followed by advice for the treatment of subclinical hypothyroidism. Dr. Gabriela commented that she is part of a working group in this subject, with the collaboration of Dr. Natalia Carballo, a specialist in evidence-based research.

Dr. Mario Vaisman, a professor at the Faculty of Medicine Medicine at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, said that this new space for debate is fundamental for bringing together colleagues from the continent. The endocrinologist recalled that the first thing to note about subclinical dysfunction: who is the patient we are treating? “From there, a big problem arises, which is to generalize the parameters.”

The debate lasted about 60 minutes, including doubts regarding the association of other endocrine diseases in the management of subclinical hypothyroidism, treatment of patients and scientific evidence, whether screening should be performed as well as the costs involved.

All of these topics were extensively discussed in the Webinar, which is available to LATS members.

  • The next Webinar is already scheduled – Date: Monday 17 th August – 7 PM (GMT / UTC -3), with the theme “Graves’ Ophtalmopathy and New treatment Modalities”; Speakers: Alicia Gauna (Buenos Aires, Argentina) & Helton Ramos (Salvador, Brasil).