Increasing thyroid networking in Latin America

Increasing thyroid networking in Latin America

Previously to the new coronavirus pandemic, the LATS board was working on several projects to increase networking among the researchers and physicians in Latin American countries.

Dr. Ana Luiza Maia

However, due to the COVID-related changes in the global community, the LATS had to rethink all the logistics. We needed to formulate new formats, creating alternatives such as online debates, since presential meetings were no longer possible, said LATS’s President, Dr. Ana Luiza Maia (photo Celso Pupo).

Thus, the proposal to create a series of online Webinars came to light. We thought that organizing live meetings would get the LATS members closer and strengthen the bonds with all Latin American colleagues. Dr. Maia reinforced that this is the Webinars Series’s pivotal purpose: enhance the LATS members’ interactions and increase the Society’s contribution to Latin America’s countries.

Webinar Series Topics

The choice of topics is critical in any online or offline scientific event. The endocrinologist affirms that it is necessary to balance the public’s interest and the availability of good speakers with experience in the subject to be addressed.

“Nevertheless, this task was not a very difficult one. Latin America has excellent speakers who are also renowned researchers “. For Dr. Ana Luiza, the greatest difficulty was creating an agenda with only five meetings because the number of subjects is extensive. “We were delighted with the success of the first editions of the Webinars Series, but it wasn’t a surprise since we had top experts to every issue discussions.”

Of note, the physicians’ participation was paramount because the lack of face-to-face events was a new reality. The President highlighted the great interest of LATS’s members to participate in online meetings due to the opportunity to discuss matters of common interest.

Unfortunately, we had to limit the number of participants in this initial phase due to the high demand. However, the Webinars are available at the site and can be accessed by the LATS associates. Moreover, we already increase the limit of participants for the next Webinars.

The Webinar Series is part of a set of initiatives that the Society expects to implement to strengthen Latin America’s connection. “It is a pulsing proposal. We are already making plans for next year, particularly the LATS Congress, which will be held from 18 to 21 of November, in Curitiba”. For the next year, the Webinar Series should continue once a month, and we might propose topics of the LATS 2021 program.

“The board of directors will meet again to discuss the plans for 2021, but we can assure that the webinars will continue”, said LATS’s President, Dra. Ana Luiza Maia.