LATS 2020 Webinars Series

LATS 2020 Webinars Series

The LATS Executive Committee invites you to join and participate in the LATS 2020 Webinar Series. Learn from leading experts about updates on thyroid research and clinical care centered on controversies in clinical and basic thyroidology and personalized approach to thyroid disorders.

Follow the webinar schedule:

  1. Date: Monday 20 th July– 7 PM (GMT/UTC -3)
    “Subclinical Hypothyroidism: When do We Treat?”
    Speakers: Gabriela Brenta (Buenos Aires, Argentina) & Mario Vaisman (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
  2. Date: Monday 17 th August – 7 PM (GMT/UTC -3)
    “Graves’ Ophtalmopathy and New treatment Modalities”
    Speakers: Alicia Gauna (Buenos Aires, Argentina) & Helton Ramos (Salvador, Brazil)
  3. Date: Monday 14 th September -7 PM (GMT/UTC -3)
    “Active Surveillance in Low Risk Thyroid Cancer”
    Speakers: Alvaro Sanabria (Medellín, Colombia) & Fabián Pitoia (Buenos Aires, Argentina) and Dr. Stella Maris Batallés as moderator.
  4. Date: Monday 19 th October – 7 PM (GMT/UTC -3)
    “Choosing the Right Treatment and Follow-up for Low Risk Differentiated Thyroid Cancer”
    Speakers: Laura Ward (Campinas, Brazil) & Hernán Tala (Santiago, Chile)
  5. Date: Monday 16 th November -7 PM (GMT/ UTC -3)
    “Molecular diagnosis in advanced Differentiated Thyroid Cancer and Medullary Thyroid Cancer”
    Speakers: Fernanda Vaisman (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) & Ana Luiza Maia (Porto Alegre, Brazil)

Data to join the Webinars will be provided closer to each event. Please, follow our networks (Facebook: LATS – Latin American Thyroid Society, Twitter: @LATS_Society, and Instagram: lats_society)
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