LATS Elections: Registration for Pre-candidates

Following the rules established in our bylaws, the Electoral Committee will open the registration for pre-candidates for the following positions:

President-elect (2023-2025),
Secretary (2023-2027),
Treasurer (2023-2027),
Fiscal Council – 3 members (2023-2025),
Directors of LATS – 9 members (2023-2025).

Registration will be open between March, 7th to March, 14th, 2023, by the LATS website:

Note: All associates have been added to the platform. For first-time access, here is an instructional video on user features: In brief, the process involves resetting the password with the registered email address.

Some Important Information

  • Only Active Members, Honorary Members, and Founding Members of LATS who comply with the society’s obligations may register for the positions and vote.
  • Correspondent Members and Aspirant Members are not eligible.
  • Defaulting members automatically have their rights suspended.
  • Candidates for the positions of Director of LATS and Fiscal Council are eligible two years and may be re-elected. Re-election for the position of Director is allowed only once. Re-election is not allowed in all other positions.

LATS Elections 2023- Dates/ Deadlines

Candidate Presentation: March 7th to March 14th;

Revision of Candidates (Electoral Committee): From March 15th to March 18th;

Publication of candidates for eligible positions: From March 20th;

LATS online Elections / Electoral process: April, 14th 12:00 pm to April, 21st 12:00 pm

Announcement of voting results: LATS General Assembly: April, 22nd 6:00 pm.

Best Regards,

Electoral Committee

Dr. Helton Estrela Ramos (Brasil),

Dr. José Miguel Silva Dora (Brasil) e

Dr. Verônica Ilera (Argentina).