LATS Survey

The LATS executive committee would like to report LATS member’s answers to a survey for activities’ preferences and opinions to help us to plan our next events.

Overall, eighty-six LATS members answered the survey. About forty per cent from Brazil, thirty-one percent from Argentina, seven per cent from Chile, six per cent from Colombia and Mexico and less than five per cent from Peru, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Venezuela

The Survey revealed the subject with the greatest level of interest was thyroid neoplasia (81%), following by hyperthyroidism (42%), hypothyroidism (37%), cancer genetics (32%), thyroid autoimmunity (30%), thyroid and pregnancy (30%), and drugs and thyroid (24%).

Regarding the format of the activity, it was interestingly distributed into webinars (49%) and online courses (48%). Most of the answerers showed interest in the clinical cases discussion (90%).

Thank you very much for your participation. This valuable information will help LATS to program the academic activities that will be offered to all LATS members in the coming years according to your preferences and needs.

To minimize the potential for non-response bias and to ensure representativeness, join the upcoming LATS survey.