LATS Webinar: Surgical Treatment of thyroid cancer

LATS Webinar: Surgical Treatment of thyroid cancer

Save the date for the second 2022 LATS Webinar!

The event will take place on November 17th, 2022, at 7:00 PM. Follow us on social networks to know how to register!

The main topic will be “Surgical Treatment of thyroid cancer: Tailoring the surgical approach for DTC treatment”.

Schedule 2nd Webinar 2022:

– Dr. Inês Califano (Argentina)
7:00-7:05 PM: Welcome and Introduction
7:05-7:20 PM Surgery for DTC: Lobectomy: yes, no, maybe?
– Dr. Santiago Zund (Argentina)
7:20-7:35 PM: Molecular testing as a guide for thyroid surgery: a Latin American perspective
– Dr. Maria Isabel Cunha Vieira Cordioli (Brazil)
7:35- 7:50 PM: Hypothyroidism after less than total thyroidectomy: what to expect
– Dr. Erika Laurini da S. Meyer (Brazil)
7:50-8:20 PM: Questions & Answers

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