LATS Webinar - Thyroid Cancer

LATS Webinar – Thyroid Cancer

The last LATS Webinar took place on October 19 with the participation of Dr. Laura Ward (Brazil) and Dr. Hernán Tala (Chile). Doctors addressed the topic “Choosing the Right Treatment and Follow-up for Low-Risk Differentiated Thyroid Cancer”.

The activity was attended by specialists from all over South America and started at 7 pm GMT / UTC -3, on the Zoom Meetings platform. There were about 150 participants who followed the class simultaneously.

At the opening, Dr. Rosa Paula Biscolla introduced the speakers and thanked everyone for their presence, emphasizing the strengthening of Latin America’s joint work in debates on the thyroid. The first presentation was made by Dr. Laura Ward, with the theme of low-risk tumor, highlighting the high frequency of the problem. Also, the doctor spoke about the treatment routine, how it impacts the patient’s life, and the importance of individualized care.

Dr. Hernán showed how to select the best surgical option, with a focus on the use of radioactive iodine in low-risk patients, the use of thyroid hormones, and how to follow up on the patient.

Check out how topics were discussed in topics:

  • What is a low-risktumor?
  • What is the prevelance / incidence of Low Risk DTC?
  • Therapeutic options: how to select the best option / how to follow the patient?
  • Impact on the management of DTC
  • New possibilities: personalized medicine

The next LATS Webinar will be held on November 16 and with the topic “Molecular diagnosis in advanced Differentiated Thyroid Cancer and Medullary Thyroid Cancer”.