New Board of Directors of the LATS

New Board of Directors of the LATS

Dear LATS members,

As stated in the LATS web page, Ana Luiza Maia (Porto Alegre, Brazil), elected in 2017, assumed the position of President (2019-2021) of the LATS accompanied by the following representatives of the Board of Directors:

President Elect (2021-2023)
Fabian Pitoia (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Secretary (2019-2023)
Claudia Gabriela Pellizas (Córdoba, Argentina)

Treasurer (2019-2023)
Célia Regina Nogueira (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Directors (2019-2021)
Adriana Reyes (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Helton Estrela Ramos (Salvador, Brazil)
Juan Pablo Duenas Munoz (Medellin, Colombia)
Lenara Golbert (Porto Alegre, Brazil)
Marcelo Pedro Nallar Dera (Salta, Argentina)
Maria Tereza Nunes (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
Rafael Selbach Scheffel (Porto Alegre, Brazil)
Stella M. Batallés (Rosario, Santa Fe)
Veronica Ilera (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Deliberative Council
Gabriela Brenta (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Denise Pires de Carvalho (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
Ana Maria Masini-Repiso (Cordoba, Argentina)
Marcos Abalovich (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Hans Graf (Curitiba, Brazil)

Fiscal Council (2019-2021)
José Miguel da Silva Dora (Porto Alegre, Brazil)
Maria Fernanda Bueno (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Tania Ortiga-Carvalho (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

The final inform with records of the XVII LATS Meeting, Buenos Aires, June 2019, is now complete. We are pleased to inform that 1065 participants attended the Meeting. The participants were mainly from Latin America but we have also attendees from North America, Europe and Asia. The latin american participation was from a broad spectrum of countries, including Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Peru, Chile, Dominican Republic, Paraguay, Colombia, Ecuador and Bolivia.

LATS Meeting 2019 had the honor of the following international speakers: Drs. James Fagin (USA), Sabine Costagliola (Belgium), Graham Williams (England), Robin Peters (Netherlands), Julie Sosa (USA), Maria Cabanillas (USA). The Scientific Program included 7 Conferences, an ATA Symposium, 6 Kocher Conferences, 2 Mini Conferences, 12 Symposia, a Thyroid Cancer World Master Round Table (Real-Time Zoom Meeting with the World Congress of Thyroid Cancer, Rome, Italy). As well, a Year of the Thyroid, 4 Meet the Professor and 1 Debate sessions took place. To note, 16 oral presentation and 189 posters were presented. LATS supported 20 Travel Grants for selected young researchers.

During the meeting, Dr. Guillermo Juvenal was awarded with the Senior LATS Prize 2019. Besides, Iuri M. Goemann (Porto Alegre, Brazil) and Mariano Martin (Cordoba, Argentina) received the Young LATS Prize 2019 for their presentations in the clinical and basic categories, respectively.
* Noteworthy, the meeting was profitable with a final revenue of ARS 2.703.327,96

We are glad to announce our next LATS Congress, which will be held at Curitiba, Brazil, during June 10-12, 2021. You will receive further information in this regard later on.

Ana Luiza Maia

Claudia Gabriela Pellizas