The LATS Senior Prize

The LATS Senior Prize

The LATS Senior Prize has been granted during LATS Meetings, as well as in International Thyroid Conferences, in the past. After full discussion between the LATS Executive Committee and LATS Board of Directors, and considering that there was no LATS Senior Prize at the previous event (on-line International Thyroid Congress 2020), two prizes will be awarded at the LATS 2021 Virtual Congress.

LATS Senior Prize, according to the LATS Bylaws (Chapter II, Title VIII, LATS Award Concession, Art. 48-51):

  • Art. 48: The LATS Prize will grant a Senior LATS Associate who made significant contributions to thyroid research over a considerable period of time.
  • Art. 49: The Executive Committee will propose the regulations for the award, which will be previously approved by the Deliberative Council. The Executive Committee may indicate a commission of researchers, not necessarily members of the LATS, for evaluation. The final decision, establishing the nominee for the award, will be made by the Executive Committee.
  • Art. 50: Candidates for the Award must be proposed by 2 (two) active and regular Associates of the LATS. The proposal must include the candidate’s curriculum vitae (maximum 10 pages) and a short letter (maximum 2 pages), indicating the nature of the candidate’s personal contribution to thyroid research, sent to the Secretary.
  • Art. 51: The winner must hold a conference at the LATS Congress.

The deadline for nominations is June 15th, 2021. They should be sent to

Ana LuizaMaia, LATS President
Claudia Gabriela Pellizas, LATS Secretary