Thyroid Project New Trends 2018

Tireoide New Trends Project: 3rd Module

The third module of the Tireoide New Trends Project (TNT) will be held on October 23 from 20h to 21h40.

Registration is free and available on the site: Just register to participate in live, send suggestions and questions or consult the recording later.

See the schedule:

23.10.18 – Module 3 – Thyroid in childhood and adolescence

  • Hypothyroidism in childhood and adolescence
    Speaker: Dra. Thais Della Manna (USP)
  • Hyperthyroidism in childhood
    Speaker: Cristiane Kochi (Santa Casa de São Paulo)
  • Diagnosis of congenital hypothyroidism
    Speaker: Suemi Marui (USP)

Scientific Coordinator: Dr. Erivelto Volpi (USP) e UNINOVE